Six principals condemn in Argentina for torture

On Friday, September 21, the Oral Criminal and Correctional Court No. 9 of the Federal Capital sentenced six prefects for torturing two young people from Villa 21-24 in Barracas, a popular neighborhood of Buenos Aires, in 2016. Judges Fernando Ramírez and Jorge Gettas and Judge Ana Dieta de Herrero handed down a sentence of 10 years and 6 months in prison for Leandro Antúnez, Osvaldo Ertel and Orlando Benítez, Eduardo Sandoval and Ramón Falcón; and 8 years and 8 months for Yamil Marsilli. All were found guilty of the crimes of torture, illegitimate deprivation of liberty, minor injuries and aggravated and qualified robbery. The young people Ivan Navarro and Ezequiel Villanueva Moya belonging to the popular organization La Garganta Poderosa were detained for no reason and then subjected to torture and humiliation in a prefecture detachment and on the banks of the Riachuelo River, on September 24, 2016.condena justiciacondena justicia


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